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Project Management

From one-off meetings to complex long term stakeholder dialogues, I have managed dozens of projects over the last 15 years, working with each client to deliver a unique process from start to finish.

These projects have required:

  • Ability to lead on proposal writing phase up to final project evaluation
  • Budget management of projects ranging from £ 1.5K up to £ 300K
  • Work under pressure on short-term (2 months) to long-term projects (1.5 years)
  • Clients and stakeholders relationships management: handling any queries and responding appropriately.

I don’t use one size fits all approaches and I ensure each project is managed in line with its overall purpose. I always start with some key questions:

  • Where are we now? Exploring what is the current situation
  • What is at stake? What are the challenges for the engagement?
  • What is the context?
  • Where do we want to be? What is the goal?
  • How do we get there? Reflecting on: Products: what needs to be produced during the engagement process, People: who needs to be involved, Purse: how much do we spend, Pacing: when to do what, Process: how will it happen.


  • Defra

    Regional engagement on Environmental Limits


    To engage stakeholders on the concept and application of Environmental Limits within a regional sustainable economic growth context.

    What happened
    I was in charge of the management and planning of this project. I co-designed the engagement process and I provided support facilitation at two regional workshops.

  • Aviva

    Community flood resilience in North Yorkshire


    To raise awareness on flooding in Boroughbridge, in North Yorkshire and to identify key areas of uncertainty and how resilience could help communities to take ownership and responsibility.

    What happened
    I was in charge of managing this community engagement project, which brought together members of the community of Boroughbridge to participate in a flood simulation exercise known as Dry Run. This project resulted in the creation of a community-owned flood plan which harnesses local resources to increase the town's flood resilience. Key lessons from this exercise have been incorporated into Flood Plan UK's Community Flood Planning Guide. Flood Plan UK is a dedicated website www.floodplanuk.org, which aims to engage communities in the flood planning process to supplement existing local authority and emergency services flood plans. I wrote the flood simulation toolkit, which helps communities design their own flood simulation processes.

    The toolkit is accessible for download here:

  • Environment Agency (EA)

    Project 1
    Flood risks strategy development

    Environment Agency (EA)

    As part of the National Flood and Coastal Risk Management strategy, the aim of the project was to inform a new way of mapping flood risk (including data collection, risk mapping, modelling, and presentation strategies).

    What happened
    I co-designed the engagement process and I provided support facilitation at a series of 5 regional workshops across England.

    Project 2
    Better Regulations and Business Improvement

    To create a network of motivated and skilled EA champions to support the Midlands ambitions around Better Regulation and Business Improvement. 

    What happened
    I designed and delivered a programme of interactions to improve ways of working between the EA and its external partners, around waste regulated sites. The engagement activities included: workshops, surveys and one to one interviews with EA officers.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)

    Nuclear Decommissioning Strategy

    Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)

    To engage stakeholders and communities on NDA decommissioning strategy.

    What happened
    Every 5 years NDA revises its strategy and it does so by engaging nuclear regulators, Site Licence Companies (SLCs) and other stakeholders in reviewing the strategic direction of nuclear decommissioning. Between 2007 and 2009, while working at The Environment Council, I was involved in the project management, process design and delivery of several workshops, which involved up to 150 individuals at each event.